Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shin Ramyun

Shin Ramyun is a spicy (辛) brand of Korean instant noodles produced by Nong Shim Ltd. since 1986. It is exported to over 80 different countries, and is the highest selling brand of noodles in Korea. In April 2011, the brand launched a high-end ramen 'Shin Ramyun Black'. It is double the price of the regular Shin Ramyun but it generated sales of ₩9.4 billion in May 2011. Shin Ramyun comes with a seasoning packet and a packet of dehydrated vegetables, and is usually prepared in a pot or other container. It is also sold in an instant cup or instant bowl form. This version was first produced in Korea in 1981. During preparation, it is possible to add vegetables, dumplings, eggs or meat to improve the nutritional value of the meal. There are also seafood flavor, spicy pak choi flavor and mushroom flavor variants of the noodle. (Wikipedia)

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